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First of all, you need to be careful about filling in financing information. Remember that a financing plan is not a financing reservation. This means that if you have not made any reservations about financing, you are bound by the bid even if you do not get financing. There may be compensation to the seller of the property, if this becomes known after he has accepted your bid. http://angsecyp.org for further clarification

Here is a review of basic information that you should have control over when financing your home.

If you have not arranged for financing, it is important that you make a written reservation about this in the bid. You do this by typing “reservation on financing” or “reservation on loan” on the bid form, a good tip that is important to include.

If there is a certain type of financing that is needed for you to be willing to buy, you should specify your reservation. For example, if you do not have a mortgage loan, the seller may require that you try to get the purchase financed in other ways if you have not made a specific reservation loan.

Here’s a warning to you: Don’t trust the bank’s oral pledges on loans.


If the bank is not willing to give you a written commitment before various formalities have been arranged, it is because the bank does not dare to guarantee anything until the case has been finalized. Then you should not rely on it either. Don’t forget, though, that a loan commitment often has limitations and conditions that you must clarify before bidding. Many people do not think that in the loan commitment there is a reservation on deductions for joint debt, or that the loan amount may not amount to more than 80% of the loan rate on the home. Make sure you have enough equity.

Therefore, you only make reservations if financing is not confirmed in writing by the bank or you are unsure whether you have enough equity or otherwise.

If you have to make financing reservations, the bid becomes less attractive to the seller.


The worst thing can always happen: Some bidders refrain from taking financing reservations because they have loan commitments and enough equity. In retrospect, it turns out that the house of uncle and aunt in which the bank should get extra mortgage security, is already heavily mortgaged and so it is. In the loan commitment, the bank had assumed satisfactory additional collateral in other property. If the mortgage object has been borrowed from before, the bank will say that the collateral is not satisfactory and that it will therefore not finance the home purchase. It helps little then that uncle and aunt said there was no problem.

The seller or broker often requires the bank to give written notice of the financing of precisely this purchase is or will be granted. A written confirmation of financing is also an advantage to have if the bank later states that they will not finance this purchase. Therefore, you should obtain such written confirmation even if the broker does not require it.

Try to get a reply from the bank as soon as possible and ask the bank to fax the answer to the broker. If you do not have fax access yourself, ask the broker to fax the necessary information about the home to the bank.

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