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In Good Finance we wanted to take advantage of a publication of the Cinco Días newspaper in its online edition to show you that there are many ways to save, such as: being able to make a better invoice analysis, review the purchases we make and use discounts or offers.

From Good Finance we give you the following tips so you can save a few euros on your bills and expenses:

How to get started

How to get started

Although it seems obvious, the best recommendation to plan and manage a family budget to balance income and expenses is to open a specific bank account. In this way, it will be our piggy bank and we mentalize ourselves to save every time we have to make any use with it.

We can save a small part of our salary every month, setting aside 10% monthly, or spend less on different items.

Reduce the cost of electricity and water bills

From the OCU they propose to start with heating, “which takes almost half of the energy consumed by the house”. Thus they propose to install a gas boiler, cheaper than one of diesel or electric. As for the cost of electricity, the first advice is to “choose the right power in your electricity contract”.

Mobile, phone, internet

Mobile, phone, internet

First we must analyze what is the pattern of use of the mobile, landline and internet. From there it can be useful to use a rate comparator to get an idea, and then analyze the offers of each operator one by one.


Experts advise using daily public transport, which can save up to 50%

In case the private car is essential, there are also some tips to save. Thus, for example, in the choice of insurance, insurance is recommended that suits the needs, avoiding unnecessary coverage and making payment more expensive.

Save on purchase

Save on purchase

An OCU report indicates that depending on the supermarket that the consumer chooses, the annual savings in the shopping cart can reach 2,664.9 euros in the city of Madrid (for example). We must go to those supermarkets that offer a value for money that best fits our pocket.

Remember that if you need a little push to finish your expenses and bills on Good Finance, we guarantee a quick response to your credit application and we put a 10-minute limit on the management of your loan .

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