I think they will fire me, how do I prepare my finances?

Sometimes, layoffs are no surprise, they smell in the environment. If your company has been doing badly for a long time, it is making cuts and suspects that you will be fired sooner rather than later, the best thing you can do is try to prepare yourself emotionally and financially for the fatal outcome. If you are in that situation of “I think they will fire me,” stay tuned.

A dismissal is not a pleasant situation. If you have been working for the company for a long time and you feel comfortable in it, it is normal that the fear of seeing you on the street takes your sleep away .

Nobody likes uncertainty or having to start from scratch, but sometimes it is something that cannot be controlled and must be faced with a cold mind. Remember that every time a door is closed a window opens.

In the economic field, the fear of losing income, suffering difficulties to reach the end of the month or not being able to meet certain expenses is inevitable. Our advice is that before the slightest suspicion that they can put you legs in the street, take action and create a contingency plan.


I think they will fire me, what do I do?

It is true that if the dismissal is from one week to another, your room for maneuver is very small. However, if you think you can have a few months of oxygen before being fired, then you have no excuse to come up with a plan B for your personal finances.


Find out what your settlement will be

Especially if you have been working in your company for a long time, do not wait until they put the settlement before you sign it. Get advice and find out on your own what the amount should be . The web calculo-finiquito.com is very simple and can be of great help.

Remember that in case of unfair dismissal the compensation is 33 days per year worked up to a maximum of 24 monthly payments, while for a dismissal it would be 20 days per year worked up to a maximum of 12 months.


Find out about the unemployment benefit

Don’t take this by surprise either. Take a walk through the nearest employment office and find out about the discharge process, the duration and the amount of your unemployment benefit. The SEPE has a simulator but it is a bit weird.

Remember that you need to have contributed at least 360 days to be able to collect it , otherwise you could only access the unemployment benefit. The amount is 70% of your contribution base for six months and 50% the rest of the period.


Start looking for a new job

Start looking for a new job

You don’t have to wait until the day of the outcome to find a new job, you can do it from today. The first thing is to update your CV and sign up for a job search platform, such as Infojobs, the most popular of all. Also update your LinkedIn and start doing the first searches.


I think they will fire me: reduce expenses

I think they will fire me: reduce expenses

To finish, diet your expenses. All without exception. The loss of employment is one of those situations that require a subsistence economy to be applied, so you must eliminate all expendable expenses (ant and leisure expenses, for example) and reduce the rest (food, services, fuel to a minimum) , phone, etc).

Most important of all, do not lose your temper and do not get carried away by fear. With a little patience you will get out of this and you will strengthen it . We are convinced that you will find a better job. This is just a bad run and a bump in the road.

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