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The IA Credit group consists of three major Italian banks with strong local roots: Credit Cole CM, Credit Cole FD and Credit Cole CP . As you can see from their own names, the three banks in question have always had the relationship with the customer in the reference territory as their strength. In the current market, however, being rooted in the territory, although it undoubtedly constitutes an important aspect, is no longer sufficient to be competitive: products and services of value, simplicity and transparency are necessary, elements that can be guaranteed by belonging to a large banking group that today is the seventh in the Italian market, with over one and a half million customers, more than 8,000 employees and about a thousand sales points. Without forgetting that Credit Cole is the leading banking group in France and leader in Europe for the retail market.


The evolution of the IA Credit group

The evolution of the IA Credit group

CM was born in 1860 from the aggregation of credit institutions in the area. In 2007 he joined the Credit Cole group and then CM Credit Cole was born . Also in 2007 he joined the FD group and, in 2011, the group took on its current connotation with the entry of CP with the sale by Intesa Sanpaolo.


The online current account of IA Credit: Conte Adessa

The Credit Cole group offers a range of complete banking services to its customers. Particular attention is paid to the needs of customers who prefer a low-cost account and mainly managed online. The reference product for this customer segment is Conte Adessa .

Account Now it is very convenient for the costs first:

  • Zero monthly fee for those who open the online account
  • Zero costs for those who use the so-called “Private Nowbanking”, ie use the account remotely, via Internet Banking (fixed or mobile), telephone bank and ATM for cash withdrawals


The advantages of Conte Adessa, the online account of IA Credit

online account of IA Credit

But what are the other advantages of Conte Adessa , the solution proposed by IA Credit for those who are looking for an account that can be used mainly online? There are mainly three: The convenience and speed guaranteed by an online account, a complete range of services and security . Let’s see them in detail.


The advantages: the convenience and speed of the online current account

Obviously comfort and speed, in addition to the low costs, are the main advantages of those who opt for an account of this type. Those who do not want to spend too much time with bank tellers have an undoubted advantage in using an account specifically designed to be able to operate from the comfort of their own home or mobile phone. And this applies as soon as the account is opened, which can be done directly online.


The advantages: the numerous services included in the Check Now

There are several services that IA Credit makes available to its customers with the Check Now :

  • The Classic MasterCard credit card of the CartaSI circuit , at zero fee for the first year
  • The multichannel offer of Credit Cole “Nowbanking Privati” , to be able to access services directly from the Internet, mobile or telephone, without activation costs
  • The possibility of domiciling one’s utilities , to save time and avoid forgetting deadlines, and to receive bank statements directly and conveniently in electronic format
  • The free of 24 withdrawals made at the other banking institutions, every year
  • The possibility of accessing a branch anyway , in case of need


The advantages: safety

Security is guaranteed by IA Credit thanks to the innovative “Securecall” functionality which, in addition to being simple to use, does not require other passwords or various accessories to confirm the transaction. With Securecall it is sufficient to make a call from your mobile phone and the transaction, carried out with the Nowbanking service, is confirmed. In summary, the operation is carried out via the Internet, confirmation on the GSM network, and the use of two distinct lines guarantees security.



credit loan

The solidity of a large group behind, the low costs and a complete range of services make IA Credit’s offer very interesting for those looking for a product that has the typical features of an online account.

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