We are now able to offer anesthesia for patients undergoing certain office procedures.  Vasectomy, cystoscopy and bladder surgery are examples of procedures that can be performed with intravenous sedation.  Talk with your physician regarding details and availability.

The Dallas Center for Pelvic Medicine was founded with the intention of providing highly skilled and compassionate care for patients with diseases and conditions of the pelvis. Our physician staff of urologists provide generalized urologic care and have advanced training in subspecialty areas in urology.

One area of specialty at the Dallas Center for Pelvic Medicine is bladder control.  Urinary incontinence and bladder dysfunction receive extensive evaluation and treatment.  Pelvic pain and fecal dysfunction are also evaluated and treated.

Another area of specialty is male infertility and male sexual dysfunction.  We have experts in vasectomyvasectomy reversalvaricocele ligationpenile prosthesis implantation and other complex procedures related to infertility and erectile dysfunction.


Dr. French Lectures on Erectile Dysfunction

This fall Dr. French presented community lectures on the evaluation and management of erectile dysfunction.  Theses lectures featured Dr. French and a patient who spoke on his experiences with the surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction including penile prosthesis implantation.  Of interest, one of the lectures was presented by Dr. French in Spanish.  Call our office for information about future lectures on erectile dysfunction or make an appointment to see Dr. French to have a more personal discussion about these issues.